10 beauty hacks every girl should know

beauty hacks - eyeshadows

I love browsing pinterest for new beauty hacks to try out. Sometimes a really small thing can totally up your makeup game. Besides, finding out if something is a total game changer or a complete disaster is fun! I love trying out new stuff and often I’m like “why haven’t I tried this out earlier?!” 😉 Today I come to you with my personal list of 10 beauty hacks that I’ve been using since I can remember and have been my lifesavers countless times. I hope you will find some useful tips here!

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The only foundation you need – Pierre Rene Skin Balance Foundation

Pierre Rene Skin Balance Foundation

Once you find a perfect match you stick to it. Pierre Rene Skin Balance Foundation suits me so well it’s my go-to product and a holy grail. I’ve been using it for the past four years (or maybe even longer, anyway it’s been a looong time!) and I’ve purchased countless bottles. Still I can say with my whole heart that I love it! If you’ve never tried it before, go and buy it, like right now!

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Motivational wallpapers for your computer!

Words can inspire us to do great things and feel like we can conquer the world. And what better place to have motivational quotes than your computer’s desktop? 🙂 This time I have created for you a set of  motivational wallpapers in juicy summery colors with quotes to inspire you to kick some serious ass! Enjoy!

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Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter

As you may know, I have an unhealthy addiction to highlighters. Which is why I thought, hey, why not get another one? You cannot ever have too many of those. This time I went for Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter in Peach Lights. I love Makeup Revolution products, especially given their price range, it’s amazing what high quality makeup they offer.

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Ultimate playlist to get you pumped up and ready to slay your day

You know how sometimes you have these days where you just can’t motivate yourself and feel like meh? Yep, I know that feeling too. Today I thought I would post something a bit different than usual. A playlist with songs that make me feel pumped up and ready to slay my day! I love to listen to these in the morning to get in a “let’s do this!” mood. Enjoy! Also, let me know what your favorite songs are to get you pumped up and excited for the day!

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Vitamins ABC : Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a fat soluble vitamin and the main antioxidant present in our bodies. It is a group of compounds that include tocopherols and tocotrienols. It’s probably best known for its free radical fighting properties. We can get this vitamin from natural sources (in which case it works much better), but it is also possible to synthesize it.

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