Fall Instagram Photo Challenge

fall instagram photo challenge

Let’s get creative this fall! Days will get shorter and gloomier, so there’s no better time to put some creativity into our lives. What I am proposing to you is a fall instagram photo challenge! I will give you a prompt for every day and your job will be to make a photo inspired by the prompt and post in on your insta. I love taking photos and prompts can inspire some really awesome ideas and setups. To beat the fall blues let’s all give it a try!

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5 things you might not know about me

5 things about me

Let’s all get to know each other better! Creating a community around this blog is really important to me so this time I come to you with five things you might not know about me. If you feel like it, it would be awesome if you left few lines about yourself in the comments!

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Please do not strive for perfection


We live in times where you have to be extremely productive, constantly doing something and being perfect at all of it. Work, university, self development, cooking, cleaning the house, taking care of kids, our significant others, working out, going out with friends and a million other things we think we should do. Looking at Instagram and some picture-perfect blogs does not help – lives of these people do seem ideal. What is there to do?

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Don’t be afraid of failure

fear of failure

How many did times did you stop yourself from doing something because you were afraid of what would happen if you failed? Fear of failure is one of the main reasons we do not take action and reach out for what we dream of. It’s often paralyzing and making us truly unable to live our lives to our full potential. But is failure really the end of the world?

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3 netflix tv shows that will get you seriously hooked

netflix tv shows

Me and my husband got our Netflix subscription last year and we definitely are very pleased with it. There are so many good tv shows there you just don’t know which ones to choose! We already have a very long list with what to watch, but given that they keep on releasing crazy amounts of new productions I don’t think it will ever shrink! Here are my 3 favorite netflix tv shows that I just could not stop watching!

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Reasons to love spring


Spring is probably my favorite season of the year. Everything comes to life, we get an amazing abundance of colorful flowers and finally more sunshine! When winter slowly comes to an end I simply cannot wait to finally go outside for long walks and have more energy to do things! Here’s my list of reasons I absolutely adore spring.

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5 things that make me happy

things that make me happy

Let’s kick off the spring season with some happy notes! Those are my 5 things that make me happy and just enjoying life to its fullest. Sometimes those are just the little things, but boy are they important to keep us sane! I also encourage you to share your 5 things that make you happy in the comments! Let’s get cracking!

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So why should you drink more water?

why should you drink more water

We have all heard these words – drink more water, it’s good for you! But first of all, what will drinking lots of our good old friend H2O give us and more importantly how much should we drink every day? Is six glasses enough? Eight? What will happen if I will drink less? Will it help clear my skin? Well my ladies, read on to find out!

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Girl power quotes

girl power quotes

I just thought today that what better way to start a year than with a post celebrating women’s strength, independence and confidence! We should all support each other because there’s nothing better than spreading girl power around, right? I hope we all have a great year and will strive to support and uplift each other in any way we can! You go girl! It’s time for some girl power quotes! Enjoy babes!

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