Favorite drugstore powders

Finding a good drugstore powder is a challenge. We want them cheap and working well, and it’s a true quest to find one. I dealt with a lot of powders that will make me shine like a disco ball after two hours or ones that will interact with my foundation and cause it to darken (now that’s fun). So now I wanted to present you my three tested and well working favorite drugstore powders that I often use!

favorite drugstore powders

Wet n wild Coverall

I have this powder in shade Fair/Light. The formula is really smooth and silky. I would say it gives medium coverage. It does not have a traditional matte finish, but more like satin matte, which I really like because it does not look heavy on the face. It does not interact with the foundation and does not accentuate any creases or dry spots (it has glycerin). I love that the package is really compact and comes with a puff. That makes it perfect to throw in your purse and take with you wherever you go! I did need some touch ups during the day especially in my T-zone, but they were minimal (and probably mostly because I tend to touch my face like a lot, it’s a habit I can’t break). I love it for its ingredients list, because there is absolutely nothing there that can irritate your skin or block pores. Really worth giving it a try!

Rimmel Stay Matte

I have been faithfully using Rimmel’s Stay Matte powder (in translucent) for years now. I know there are some mixed reviews of it on the internet, but for me it’s working really great and never failed me. It makes my skin really matte, stays on for the whole day (minor touch ups are needed). It’s also good for oily skin (I have combination) because it contains zinc oxide, which is an antiseptic. On the other hand it does have a few ingredients that can block pores, but I did not notice it in my case. It does not interact with any foundation or cause it to darken on me. It does not accentuate any dry spots. Because it’s translucent it works on me whole year round no matter how tan I get and what shade of foundation I’m using. I have literally gone through so many packages of it I’ve lost count a long time ago. For me it’s my absolute favorite for a really good price. I’ll definitely stick to it for many years to come!

MUA Translucent Pressed Powder

Also a really good option to consider when you’re on a budget. It mattifies the skin really well, but it does require a bit more touch ups for me than the other two powders I wrote about. It does not accentuate any dry patches or wrinkles. Be careful when you’re getting it on a brush because you can get a lot of fallout with this one! But because it actually is the cheapest from the bunch, I can we can forgive it. It works well on my skin, does not block pores or cause anything to darken. The powder has vitamin E which helps in skin regeneration and keeping it elastic. It does have an ingredient that might cause pores to be blocked.

These are my three current favorite drugstore powders! Let me know what your are and if you ever tried any of these and liked them?

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