All about lip care


I don’t know about you, but for me for a very long time lip care came down to applying balm when I remembered and that was about it. But taking proper care of our lips is really important especially if you like wearing matt lipsticks (guilty!) and will definitely pay off in the future. So read on for some tips on how to take proper care of your pout!

lip care


If you want to get rid of all those pesky bits of dead cells on your lippies, you better start exfoliating them regularly! If you’re as lazy as me I recommend using a simple toothbrush with soft bristles (because we don’t want to murder our lips with hard ones)  and just scrub, scrub, scrub. If you’re feeling extra fancy you can go ahead and mix a bit of sugar with olive oil or honey and use it as a peeling (and you can eat it afterwards, yum!). I try to exfoliate my lips about two times a week, we don’t want them looking raw all the time.


During the day most of the time I wear lipsticks (especially matte ones which can be really drying for the lips). So let’s remember about moisturizing our lips so they can hold different products without damaging them. Never go to sleep without a lip balm on your lips. That’s the best time when the skin there can get proper moisture and regenerate. Sometimes I give my lippies days off without applying crazy colored lipsticks and just go with lip balm, it does them good.

Always protect your lips

Never leave your house without protecting your lips. Whether it’s lipstick, lipgloss, or better yet lip balm always have a layer on them so they’ll be protected. For winter lip balms with heavier formulas (especially regenerating ones, but in drugstores you can also find ones especially for winter time). For summer your best choice are balms with SPF to protect that sensitive skin from damaging UV rays. But in short – always have some layer on your lips when you go outside!

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