Beauty wishlist

beauty wishlist

I often find myself scrolling endlessly through online shops, wistfully browsing through all the stuff I would really want to get and need in my life asap. You know how you can spend hours looking at stuff and being like – oh I need this, I would love to have that? I created my current beauty wishlist of the products I hope I’ll get to purchase in the nearest future. Let me know what yours are!

beauty wishlist

Modern Renaissance Eye Shadow Palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills

Everybody seems to have this palette and oh will you just look at those shades? All these browns, coppers, pinks and magentas. I heard so many good reviews about it that my mouth just waters when I look at it. The sad part is you can’t get it here in Poland (though I heard Sephora might start to carry the brand later this year, fingers crossed!) and I can never bring myself to order it from abroad. And it definitely ain’t cheap.

Orgasm Blush by NARS

Well yet another one of the cult products. I’m always on the edge with this one, because I’m mostly a bronzer and highlighter kind of gal than blush. However this color looks absolutely stunning and maybe it would convince me to use blushes more often! When I see photos of girls wearing it, it just makes their faces look so incredibly fresh and sexy!

Afterglow Highlighter Palette by Urban Decay

You know I can never say no to highlighters! The swatches look gorgeous and the shades look very versatile. I’m sure I would get a ton of use from it for everyday looks. Can’t stop staring at these!!! Gimme that glow asap!

Pro Foundation Mixer by Nyx

Gone will be the days when foundation will not match my skin! Seriously, my skin gets to fair and light during winter and when spring and summer rolls around it gets way darker. Sometimes it’s not even the seasons, but just days when foundation just looks really dark/light on me. I never seem to be able to get my hands on this gem from Nyx though – usually when I remember to get it it’s sold out. Hope I’ll more luck soon!

What products are on your beauty wishlist? Let me know!

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