How to heatproof your makeup

heatproof makeup

We all love warm weather and sunshine on our skin. But when the temperatures go up applying makeup and making it stay in place gets really tricky. We don’t want to look all sweaty and shiny. And we definitely say no to panda eyes and cakey looking foundation. Here’s what to do so your heatproof makeup will look perfect in any warm weather so you can freely enjoy your day and have fun!

heatproof makeup

Prime to avoid shine

Using primer not only will help us delay that unwanted shine. It can also minimize our pores (when it’s humid outside mine can look like little craters, meep) and make foundation apply more easily on top and not slide or get all cakey on the skin. So prime, baby, prime!

Go light

Consider switching to BB creams or other sheer formulas for summer time. You can consider mixing your favorite foundation with a bit of a light moisturizer to make the formula lighter. If you’re dead set on using a heavier foundation go light with the layers. Make them thinner than you usually would so the product won’t gather in any creases or create weird patches thanks to your skin getting all shiny and oily in the warm weather.

And creamy!

Cream blushes, bronzers and tints will generally last better than powder versions. You need really little of the product to get that color kick. They give you that fresh look that you just won’t get from powder products. For the lips also consider tints and lip glosses as they wear really well during heatwaves.

Switch to waterproof

Ah, waterproof mascaras and eyeliners seem to be godsent! No more panda eyes and streaky mascara smudges! There is a wide range of waterproof products to choose from. If you want to stick to your beloved and favorite mascara you can always put it on and then add additional coat of a waterproof formula. Ready to go!

Set with setting spray

Their job is to secure your makeup, make everything blend together seamlessly and your makeup to be durable. It will absorb oils and keep everything from getting all cakey. Also a good excuse to feel all refreshed when you’re done!

Keep blotting papers handy

You can’t avoid it, at some point during the day your face will get shiny. To control that keep blotting papers on hand so you can just whip them out and get rid of that shine with a few sweeps. Easy peasy!

Would you add anything to the list ? How do you deal with makeup when the heat really kicks in?

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