Dr Irena Eris Cleanology Enzyme Peel

irena eris cleanology enzyme peel

Enzyme peels are really great stuff for those of us who have sensitive skin and regular peelings can irritate them. I started using this peel a long time ago – before my wedding to prepare my skin to look absolutely flawless on the special day! It was recommended to me then by a makeup artist and I decided to give it a go! I think the fact that I’m still using it over two years later says it all, so let’s dive in!

irena eris cleanology enzyme peel

Recommended for

This peel is recommended for us gals with dry and sensitive skin. It has very light, not irritating scent.


It has transparent, gel formula that you apply to a cleansed face and neck area (personally I do it only for the face). After it has been sitting on your skin for about 5 to 8 minutes you rinse it. It is very delicate, only on occasion I did notice a very slight burn that went away quickly when I had the peel on. After it I like to apply a face mask so its components will sink in better into my cleaned skin. The skin is really soft and glowing after using the peel. And it feels really fresh. The formula contains papain to get rid of dead skin cells and golden and blue algae extracts as well as B vitamins to regenerate the skin and make it really smooth.


I love Dr Irena Eris Cleanology Enzyme Peel especially when my skin is really on the sensitive side. Often regular peelings that require manual scrubbing leave my face feeling to raw and pinched afterwards. This peel is really delicate, exfoliates really well – the effects for me are the same as I get with scrub peelings. The tube lasts for really long because you just need a thin, even layer of the peel for it to start working. It doesn’t irritate and does its job well – what more can I say than I really recommend it!

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