Please do not strive for perfection


We live in times where you have to be extremely productive, constantly doing something and being perfect at all of it. Work, university, self development, cooking, cleaning the house, taking care of kids, our significant others, working out, going out with friends and a million other things we think we should do. Looking at Instagram and some picture-perfect blogs does not help – lives of these people do seem ideal. What is there to do?


Social Media Craze

Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, blogs all show us the perfect versions people want to create of themselves. And it’s okay to show our best selves out there, but as receivers we need to remember that these are just fractions of other people’s lives. Let’s never compare ourselves to these and feel bad that we do not feel as happy and having everything under control as a lot of content on social media suggests others do. Few years ago it was amazing how people posted shots of their lives so we could see what they did and get inspired. But these days you will more likely find shot after shot of pretty much the same things – perfect flat lays, ideal outfits, coffee at a trendy place. To be honest? To me it’s starting to get boring. I don’t want to be perfect at everything, that’s what makes life interesting.

Perfection is not achievable

There are also so many posts and advices on ‘How to get your life organized’ (I’m also guilty of that one), ‘How to be more productive’, ‘How to have a perfectly spotless house’, ‘How to create a perfect routine’, ‘How to have an ideal relationship’. Most of these are not achievable if you take into account that you have other things to do in your life apart from cleaning the house and so on. Find what works for you and remember that ‘will do’ is much better than ‘it must be perfect’ in the long run. We are not robots and should take time to do things at our own pace and always remembering to take care of ourselves in the process too and not go crazy.

Save your sanity

Even if we do things in a way we originally thought would be perfect, our minds always nag us that there for sure must be a way we can do it a bit better. And guess what? It will never stop, because perfection is not achievable. We always think we can do better and do more. But do you really want to spend long hours at a project that’s already really good (and you know it), trying to make it even better? Sometimes you might end up even more frustrated in the process because in the end you will just waste time and still feel it can be better. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying we shouldn’t do what we can to the best of our abilities, but we should also know when to let go and let things be. So save your sanity and hop in a warm bath with a glass of champagne to celebrate what you already know you did well!

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