Don’t be afraid of failure

fear of failure

How many did times did you stop yourself from doing something because you were afraid of what would happen if you failed? Fear of failure is one of the main reasons we do not take action and reach out for what we dream of. It’s often paralyzing and making us truly unable to live our lives to our full potential. But is failure really the end of the world?

fear of failure

It’s not the end of the world

We often stop ourselves from doing things we dream of because we are afraid that there is that slight chance we might fail. We get so caught up in the thought and feeling that the apocalypse would come if that did happen we stop seeing the big picture. If you actually analyzed what would be the worst case scenario would it really be that bad? Would someone murder you or would you go to jail? In most cases the answer is no. Those are some really dark scenarios. In a lot of cases the only thing that might get hurt is our ego. We are afraid what others might think of us, but in the end all most people care about is themselves. So what if someone will talk? They will for a few minutes and then they’ll probably move on to different things. In most cases we don’t have a lot to lose but we do have a lot to gain if we only try.

You learn

Even if things do go wrong and all the plans you made end up in a failure, the best thing you can do is analyze it. Draw conclusions, thoughts, lessons to learn. Treat failure as something you can benefit from and learn what not to do, or what you could have done better. If someone was involved in the project that didn’t quite work out, ask them what they think could have been done differently. A lot of perspectives give you a lot of knowledge to learn and improve.

You try again

So you analyzed the situation, drawn some conclusions so now it’s time to try again! If your heart still beats faster at the thought of the dream or project or anything else you are currently pursuing do not let the fear of failure stop you! Sometimes you may need to try a lot of times, but you will eventually get there! Always use what you’ve learned from previous failures because that knowledge is priceless. Maybe that one thing that you now realize could have been done better is the key to success? You’ll never know until you’ll try!

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