Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara

Too Faced Better Than Sex

The famous Too Faced Better Than Sex that I’ve heard so much on the Internet about, I’ve finally got it! There’s been so much rave about how good this product is I’m really excited I can finally try it out and see for myself! I heard so many wonderful things about it, so let’s try this baby out!

Too Faced Better Than Sex


Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara aims to volumize our lashes and is advertised as being intensely black. The formula does not have any parabens. With just one coat you get very nice and defined lashes, which I really like for the day. With two coats the lashes are way more “out there” and I prefer it for the evening. I don’t know if the “intense” black is any more intense than any other black mascara I own though. At least my eye does not pick up any difference 😉 A huge plus of the formula is how light it is on the lashes – I really do not feel that I have it on. It wears good all day and does not smudge. The lashes also do not lose their curl with the mascara.


I have a mini version of the mascara. I love the color of the package it’s so elegant and eye catching. It has an interesting brush that is hourglass shaped and really does coat all the lashes evenly. I don’t know if it’s because I have the mini version (probably it is) but I had trouble getting the wand to catch eyelashes that were near the inner corner of my eye.

Too Faced Better Than Sex


I like the Too Faced Better Than Sex, not going to lie it’s a very good product. Though I do have mixed feelings about it given its price (at least here in Poland it’s rather expensive). It gives very good effect on the lashes, volumizes them and nicely lengthens. With just one coat you’re good to go and it does not weigh the lashes down. However the formula is just as good and very similar to the effect I get with much cheaper mascaras – L’oreal Volume Million Lashes So Couture So Black or Miss Sporty’s Happy Eyes (now this one is an extremely cheap buy!). I have nothing against this product, it is really good though for me it’s really comparable to way cheaper mascaras that I own.

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