Mixa Hyalurogel moisturizing face cream

Mixa Hyalurogel

A good face cream is crucial for our makeup to apply well and stay on our faces without creasing, fading or moving around. Without a well moisturized face all our imperfections (hello dry skin flakes) will be very, very much visible. I’m always looking for creams that are light and sink into the skin fast without leaving any sticky film behind. This time I tested Mixa Hyalurogel moisturizing face cream, so let’s see how it turned out, shall we?

Mixa Hyalurogel


The package is really sturdy and quite heavy, because the jar is made of glass. Not ideal when we want to travel with it. The glass itself is not tinted or anything, so it doesn’t protect the cream from light, I think it’s just there for the more “luxury” feel. Overall I like the package, it’s simple and sturdy and does its job.

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The product was created for dry and sensitive skin. It does not really have scent and should not contain any ingredients that could be irritating to the skin.


The product is very light and creamy in texture. I thought it would have gel-like consistency, but it actually is closer to a very light cream. The formula contains hyaluronic acid and glycerin to really give us that kick of moisture into our lovely skins. I love that it absorbs into the face really quickly and does not leave any sticky residue. It’s perfect under makeup. The cream is for both day and night use. I prefer it just for the day, for night I prefer to lather onto my face something heavier. It did not irritate my skin in any way or cause blackheads.


I really like the cream! I think it’s really use for day use and is perfect under makeup. It sinks into the skin really fast and does not make it sticky. The foundation applies well on top of it, does not create any streaks or interact with the cream in any way. I have been using Mixa Hyalurogel moisturizing face cream for the past two months and I’m really happy with the results. My skin is moisturized. I did not notice any dry patches. The formula is not irritating so it’s really good for all out sensitive skin gals.

Did you guys try or want to try out this product? Let me know!

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