Wet n wild MegaLast Lipsticks Collection

wet n wild megalast

I wrote about Wet n wild MegaLast Lipsticks so many times on the blog, but those gems did not have an entire post of their own yet! It’s definitely time. I discovered those by accident years ago and they still are my absolute favorites and will probably continue to be for a very long time. This time I wanted to show you which shades I own and pretty much use to death. The color range of these is pretty brilliant and everyone can find shades that will suit them! Enjoy!

Wet n wild MegaLast


MegaLast lipsticks really do live up to their name – they’re really long lasting. With most shades I can go for 4-5 hours, eating and drinking normally and not having to touch them up! The consistency is really creamy and they’re really use to apply to the lips. You have to be careful not to drop them though – I did drop an open lipstick and it smeared all over the floor and my vanity – that’s how creamy they are hah! When they do finally fade they don’t leave any nasty patches, the color just gets lighter throughout the entire lip. You have to wait a while for them settle on the lips – I would say about 15 to 20 minutes after applying, when they do set you’re good to go for hours!

Package and price

The package is okay, though after some use I find it quite annoying that a lot of the lipstick ends up smearing in the cap. Because it’s transparent I clean it often because I don’t like those lipstick stains there! But overall nothing breaks and the package does it purpose and protects the lipstick. A true highlight of these products is the price! They’re so cheap that you can go crazy and buy many colors to experiment. The product is absolutely brilliant for the price range and as good as many more high-end lippies (hello, MAC!).

My collection

Now onto the shades I own – I have seven and I truly adore and use every one of these. I’m still looking to expand the collection because rarely did the drugstore have all the shades in stock at once. Shades from left to right are:

Wet n wild MegaLast

Cherry Picking – a really fun shade for spring and summer. Vibrant pink with cool undertones, makes your lips look really fresh and yummy!

Wine Room – color of red, red wine. It’s a rich red that’s just perfect for an elegant and classy look.

Spiked With Rum – a really warm reddish brown color, it looks really bold on the lips. I love it when I want to have delicate eyes and make a statement with my lips.

Mauve Outta Here – my beloved mauve color. Mauves that look good on me are hard to come by and this one is just so pretty!

Rosebud – really warm rose pink with orange undertones. Perfect for spring and summer, it makes your lips super kissable.

In The Flesh – beautiful neutral dirty pink color. It looks really natural of the lips and goes with many looks. It’s really similar to MAC’s Mehr lippie.

Bare It All – the first MegaLast lipstick that I ever bought (I’m already on package two). It’s a perfect beige nude color and for you MAC lovers it’s really similar to MAC’s Velvet Teddy. It’s a really universal color that will suit many and goes with a lot of makeup looks. Love it!

Do you like Wet n wild MegaLast Lipsticks? Which colors are your favorites?

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