Reasons to love spring


Spring is probably my favorite season of the year. Everything comes to life, we get an amazing abundance of colorful flowers and finally more sunshine! When winter slowly comes to an end I simply cannot wait to finally go outside for long walks and have more energy to do things! Here’s my list of reasons I absolutely adore spring.


More sunshine and longer days

What puts you in a better mood than lots of wonderful sunshine? The days get longer and I feel so energized and just ready to go. Finally we can get some of that amazing vitamin D in our bodies that will lift our moods, make us feel happy and so ready for summer! Try to spend as much time outside as you can, even if you’re at work maybe to try to have lunch outside. It will be a immediate energy booster!

Flowers start to bloom

Flowers and other plants come to life, with explosion of color and wonderful scents. Spring is the perfect time to visit botanical gardens, parks or just to wander around in the woods. I also love waking up to the sound of birds outside of the window. You can finally decorate your home with vases spilling with colorful flowers without breaking the bank.

Great time to start something new and fresh

Since everything comes to life in spring, I think it’s a perfect time to start something new and fresh. Why not pick up a new hobby? Or try to sticking to a new healthy habit? Start exercising? All the options are open it’s up to you what you choose to do!

Perfect time to bring more colors to your home, wardrobe and makeup

Colorful trinkets, gorgeous flowers and lots of sunshine inside our homes give them a wonderful feel. It’s also the perfect time to whip out brighter and lighter clothes (finally we can wear skirts and dresses without freezing to death!). It will also do our makeup stash some good to rummage in them for some bold and vibrant colors. Also see what’s up with makeup trends for this season.

Spend time on activities outside

Finally we can go out for long walks, bask in the sunshine and enjoy life! Visit a park, a zoo, wander around the city. Get that bike out and give it a whirl or play badminton in the park! Whatever strikes your fancy, don’t be afraid to experiment. Maybe you’ll find something you really enjoy doing. Brighter days will finally help and motivate us to stay active outside and take large breaths of that lovely spring air.

Do you like spring? Would you add anything to the list? 🙂

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