Favorite perfumes for spring

perfumes for spring

Spring is the time to whip out more citrusy and flowery scents! Time for longer days and more sunshine on our skin! I love spring, as the weather gets warmer you cannot help but feel damn happy! Here’s a selection of my absolute favorite perfumes for spring.

perfumes for spring

Versace Bright Crystal Absolu

Oh dear this is my number one scent for the spring and summer! It smells fantastic on the skin and I got so many compliments while wearing it so it must be working 😉 The bottle is an explosion of cute pink and I’m not going to lie it looks perfect on the vanity. At first the scent is quite intense but with time it settles on the skin and releases lovely notes. The main ones include yuzu, raspberry, pomegranate, peony and magnolia. It also has a hint of musk and amber. This fragrance just screams feminine to me, I’m already on my second bottle and I believe it’s my third year faithfully using it!

Moschino Pink Bouquet

An oldie, but a goodie – it was released in 2012. The bottle is heart shaped and again, mostly pink (do I sense a pattern here?). It’s another very fruity, flowery and feminine scent. It’s much lighter than Versace though. Notes include pineapple, bergamot, peony, lily of the valley, peach and a hint of jasmine and gingerbread (!). I love it for warmer days it instantly lifts my mood even more. It’s great for spring because the scent is quite light and delicate.

Dior Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet

Now this one holds a very special place in my heart as I wore it on my wedding day. It’s a very elegant scent that I love to wear all year round and it is perfect for special occasions. It’s a warm floral-fruity scent with notes including peony, mandarin, peach, rose and white musk. The bow on the bottle is absolutely adorable. The scent has very sentimental value for me, so I’ll mostly reserve it for special events, but boy does it just scream spring to me.
What are your favorite perfumes for spring?

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