5 things that make me happy

things that make me happy

Let’s kick off the spring season with some happy notes! Those are my 5 things that make me happy and just enjoying life to its fullest. Sometimes those are just the little things, but boy are they important to keep us sane! I also encourage you to share your 5 things that make you happy in the comments! Let’s get cracking!

things that make me happy

Trying out new makeup

Well that’s kind of an obvious one isn’t it? I love trying out new makeup, and that feeling of elation that you get once you find a true gem! That makes it all worth it! I find it to be really fun to test things out, compare them with other products that I have and just give them a whirl. I think what I especially love is to find an amazingly good product that is for real cheap and is just as good as its more expensive counterparts. Love it!

Spending time with close ones

It’s so nice to spend time with other people – whether just just sit with a cup of coffee and talk, go for a walk or enjoy some activity together. I am thankful everyday for all my close ones and it makes me really happy to share my life with them.

Cooking something delicious

Cooking is so much fun, there are always so many new recipes to try out! I especially like cooking for others, it’s so rewarding to get a compliment on the food you just made and it makes me so happy to see others enjoy it. While cooking you get to have fun, relax and test out new ideas.

Curling up under a blanket with warm tea and a good book

Reading is something that I have religiously done since I was a little kid. I always loved curling up on the coach and reading a good book. It opens you up to new ideas, shapes your view of the world and allows to go on crazy adventures! There’s nothing better than reading. And if you have a good hot tea with you, now that’s my idea of heaven.

Going for a walk

You get some activity in your day, it really relaxes you, there is just no bad side to it! Walking really helps me to clear my head and get a fresh perspective on things. When I return I do feel much more energized and ready to tackle anything! Also, from what I’ve noticed I tend to get the best ideas when going out for a walk.

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