My holy grail makeup products that will completely change your makeup game!

holy grail makeup products

You know how some products are just such holy grail discoveries that completely change the way your makeup looks? Those are the best moments when it comes to testing out makeup 🙂 I have gathered for you some of my all-time finds that have seriously changed my makeup game. With each of these I was excited like a little kid and immediately wanted to tell everyone how awesome they are!

holy grail makeup products

Wet n wild Photo Focus Eyeshadow Primer

Pretty much my number holy grail makeup product of the past year, it was already in my favorites in June. Not only does it keep the eyeshadows exactly where you want them to be, but I also think it actually intensifies their color. And that’s amazing! For the entire workday the shadows stay put and their color is really vibrant. A huge plus is that the primer is really cheap! I’ve already stocked up on a few packages of this gem and I’m never letting it go!

Becca’s Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter in Opal

I have the highlighter in shade Opal as part of Becca’s Sunchaser palette . Boy does it give you that damn glow!  There’s a review of the entire palette here. I have actually never seen a highlighter quite like this one. It’s really strong so if you don’t like too much glow you have to be careful with it. I actually like the intensity it gives you, while I always opted for a light touch, with this one I love to go all out. It catches the light in just the right way and makes your face all glowy and fresh.

Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer

Finally a bronzer that does not have red undertones, hallelujah! I know everyone and their dog knows how amazing this bronzer is, but I just couldn’t resist including it here because it is so good! You can moderate the amount of bronzer you want and I find it really hard to overdo it with this one. It’s easy to blend and stays on really long. I have it in travel size so whenever I’m going anywhere it always has its place in my cosmetics bag.

Wet n wild MegaLast Lipsticks

These I think I discovered about two years ago and bought them just for fun because I really liked the colors and they were one sale. Lo and behold I loved them and got really into the whole lipstick game! Up until then the craziest thing I did with my lips was applying lip gloss or lip balm, but usually I had neither! :O I wore lipsticks very rarely because most of the ones that I owned came off really quickly, stained my teeth or nasty left patches on my lips. Then I found these gems! They’re cheap, they’re truly longlasting. In some I can even go through entire workday – eat my meals, drink tea and they wouldn’t budge! The color palette to choose from is really big and I think everyone can find something for themselves.

Catrice Camouflage liquid and cream concealer duo

I wrote about these not long ago here. Since I started using them I really don’t need anything else, and all the concealers I tested after never even came close! The liquid concealer is perfect under the eyes, it hides dark circles, lights up the area and does not gather in any creases. The cream version is perfect for any small discolorations, acne or patches we want to hide. It’s really thick and does not move around at all once you powder it. Try this duo because it’s quite cheap and really works wonders.

Let me know what are some of your holy grail makeup products that you now can’t image your life without?

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