Catrice Camouflage liquid and cream concealers

catrice liquid cream camouflage

Whenever you break out or have or have dark circles under your eyes concealer is your best friend. I have recently found a duo from Catrice Camouflage liquid and cream concealers that I have put onto the test on my face to see how well they will work and how much they would cover up. The internet was literally going bananas over how good they they are so I have really high hopes. Let’s see the results that shall we babes? 😀

Catrice Camouflage liquid and cream concealers

Catrice Liquid Camouflage

As for the liquid concealer it’s perfect under the eyes. Wonderfully brightens the area. Thanks to its light formula it does not gather in any wrinkles or crease. It stays put for pretty much the whole day and I have not had any need to reapply it. It’s really one of the best concealers I have tried you guys! It does not dry out the skin at all (which happened with a few other products I have tried over the years – terrible stuff I tell you). It is waterproof and yes it did survive rain on my skin.

Catrice Camouflage Cream

The cream concealer is perfect for any spots you would like to cover or discolorations. In my case it covers all the “surprises” on my face and any redness. It has thick formula and I apply it with a small brush or pat it in with my finger when I need more coverage. The concealer is easily blendable into the skin – I use a makeup sponge for that. It does not move anywhere once powdered and does not fade. The only area where I had to reapply it was my chin, but I always touch it so that’s something to be expected in my case 😉 Like the liquid concealer it is waterproof. Because it’s quite heavy it can make any dry spots stand out – that’s why use it only for small spots you want to cover up!

In conclusion for me the liquid and cream camouflage concealers from Catrice are a perfect duo for my face. I’m really pleasantly surprised at how good they actually are! Especially given their low price range, they’re definitely worth trying out. Under my eyes the liquid options works very well and to cover any spots and irregularities on the skin. They work wonders! Really recommend them.

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