So why should you drink more water?

why should you drink more water

We have all heard these words – drink more water, it’s good for you! But first of all, what will drinking lots of our good old friend H2O give us and more importantly how much should we drink every day? Is six glasses enough? Eight? What will happen if I will drink less? Will it help clear my skin? Well my ladies, read on to find out!

why should you drink more water

How much should we drink a day?

Water. It makes up 71% of our planet’s surface and 60% of our bodies! How awesome is that? Our everyday shenanigans cause depletion of water from our bodies so we need to replenish it often so we keep our optimum performance. The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine determined that women need about 2.7 liters a day and men require 3.7 liters of fluids per day (about 20% of these estimates comes from food, rest from drinking water and other beverages). That’s a lot isn’t it? Not to mention that drinking this much every day we would probably be running to pee like every 10 minutes. However about 8 glasses of water per day is pretty reasonable. General rule is if you’re not feeling thirsty often and when you pee the urine is light yellow or transparent you’re drinking enough.

When to up your water intake:

  • When you exercise a lot
  • During illnesses, especially if you have a fever
  • Summer months when it’s really hot and humid outside
  • Pregnancy

What benefits will you get when you drink more water?

  1. Lose weight – we often mistake thirst with feeling of hunger. Also start drinking a glass of water before a meal – it will make you feel fuller and as a result you will actually eat less!
  2. When you’re hydrated you actually perform better in exercises and any other sort of physical activity
  3. Helps keep our skin clear – water helps flush out the toxins from our bodies which means less acne! Plus hydrated skin means glowing skin.
  4. Helps us focus – keep well hydrated and you will be able to concentrate for longer periods of time and feel less fatigued.
  5. It keeps our heart healthy – the more water you drink the lesser risk of coronary heart disease
  6. Helps with headaches and hangover – which is mostly caused by dehydration
  7. Improves our mood the more hydrated we are
  8. Makes sure our digestion goes smoothly
  9. Helps your kidneys properly get rid of toxins from your body
  10. Keeps our muscles healthy and prevents cramps

As you can see there are lots of benefits of keeping properly hydrated. Given that water is free let’s indulge and keep regularly drinking it! This year I want to up my intake to 7 glasses per day (hoping to reach 8 glasses by the end of the year). Do you plan to drink more water this year? Here’s to our healthy bodies and glowing skins! Bottoms up!

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