New Year’s Beauty and Health Resolutions

new year health and beauty resolutions

New Year is the perfect time to make resolutions and try to stick to them – with better or worse results! It’s the time of the year when we start to think about what we want to change in our lives and how to go about it. I compiled a list of beauty and health resolutions that I would like to incorporate into my life this year. Maybe some of these will inspire you!

beauty and health resolutions

Beauty and Health Resolutions:

  1. Get started on a proper haircare routine – guys I’m absolutely horrible with my hair. Usually they live their own life, never look the way I want them to (it’s like they’re doing it on purpose I swear – the more I want to them to behave the more they don’t!) so I let them be. But I say no more! In the upcoming year I want to get serious about my haircare – oils, masks, vitamins, proper drying all the jam! (Do I sense a post series coming up?)
  2. While we’re on the hair topic – learn more hairstyles! Literally all I do with my hair is to either wear them down or in a ponytail. How exciting! However that also happens because I always rush in the morning to get out of the house and hair is usually my lowest priority. And somehow whenever I do try to do something with it either it takes too much time or looks like a disaster. My goal is to learn at least 5 easy and fast hairstyles that I will incorporate into my style.
  3. Up my nail game – if I do paint my nails (which lately was an event in itself!) they’re always just one boring color. I really rarely do something more complicated – I want to challenge myself to experiment with them more
  4. Try out skincare DIYs – masks, toners etc.
  5. Eat less processed foods – I’ve been doing so good until this fall/winter season! Now I crave cookies and pizza and tons of other unhealthy foods – once you start to cave in it’s so hard to get back out! I really want to master some new recipes for healthy dinners and definitely healthy snacks for my sweet tooth!
  6. Stretch more – my back has been acting all kinds of crazy lately and hurts a lot. The fact that I have not exercised properly in a loong looong time might have a lot to do with it. I want to go back into routine of not necessarily doing cardio, but stretching, light pilates and doing exercises to strengthen my core.

I also am currently in the process of drafting my more personal self-development goals and I got really inspired by this post – “How I’m Changing in the New Year” by lovely Elle on how to prepare our minds and souls for the New Year. I want to clear both my head and space before the New Year comes so I can rock all the goals I chose to tackle! She inspired me to write down all my anxieties to empty out my mind. What actually happened with a lot of them is that once written down they weren’t as scary as I originally made them out to be! For others I throught of possible solutions and changes I could make in the new year so I can put my mind at ease. Most important personal goal for this year : be happy and stop worrying over things!

I wanted to keep the list kind of short so I’ll really put my heart into realizing these goals 🙂 I prefer to make just a few goals per year because otherwise I get overwhelmed with their amount and usually give up pretty quickly! So wish me luck and let me know do you have any beauty and health resolutions for the upcoming 2018? Let me know!

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