Red and gold christmas nails

Festive red and gold manicure

Our nails need some holiday loving too, right? Today I bring you a super fast and simple but really gorgeous looking christmas nails idea! Red and golden nail polish is always the perfect and classic combo for the holidays!

Red and gold christmas nails

What you’re going to need :

  • Base nail polish – I used Sally Hansen’s Double Duty
  • Red nail polish – Eveline MiniMax
  • Golden nail polish like wet n wild’s
  • Small piece of makeup sponge
  • Dotting tool
  • Piece of paper

How to do it?

I start with applying a base coat. Once it’s dry I apply two layers of red nail polish and let that dry as well. It’s also time to fix any unevenness with a pen nail polish remover. I always coat my finger with nail polish somewhere and then have to fight and take on really weird positions to remove what I’ve messed up without damaging what looks okay that’s why a pen remover is a life saver for me! Whoever invented it should get a Nobel Prize, seriously!

Red and gold christmas nails

The next step is to take a piece of paper and put a small amount of golden nail polish on it. Then take a dotting tool, dab it in the polish and apply dots on sides every other nail.

Red and gold christmas nails

Finally I took the sponge, put some golden polish onto it and dabbed on the nails which didn’t have dots on them. First I planned to cover only half of the nails but I changed my mind and decided I liked the whole nail in golden! You can try both and see which one you prefer 🙂 Finally put some top coat to seal your work of art and you’re done!

Red and gold christmas nails

And that’s it! It’s fairly easy and I love how it looks! I’m all for easy designs because I kind of suck at nail design that’s more complex than just a classic coat of nail polish 😀 Perfect christmas nails!

Do you like making more complicated designs? Post links to some photos so I can admire your work! 🙂

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