Fall/winter skin care routine

fall winter skincare

Winter is coming (:D) so it’s time to switch skincare from lighter products into heavier formulas. Fall and winter for me mean that my skin will get more dry and way more sensitive so I need to look after it more than in the warm summer months. Let me walk you through my fall/winter skin care routine.

fall winter skincare

In the morning first of all I wash my face with Garnier Pure Active cleansing gel which cleans my pores and reduces the amount of sebum. Then I rinse it off properly, apply eye cream – Vianek Nourishing Under Eye Cream under my eyes which is really gentle for my skin and makes it more firm. On the rest of my face I apply Hada Labo Tokyo Absolute Smoothing & Moisturizing cream which I wrote a review about right here. It has really nice gel consistency that wakes up my skin, incredibly softens and nourishes it. Usually afterwards I get dressed and then apply my makeup when everything has sunk into my skin.

When I come back from work pretty much first thing I do is to take my makeup off (love the feeling of fresh skin without makeup after wearing it for the whole day, don’t you?). I use separate product for my eye area – Evree Magic Rose Bi-Phase Eye Makeup Remover, which is really gentle for my eyes and takes eyeshadows and mascara off in just one swipe. For the rest of my face I use AA Ultra-moisturizing Micellar Water. After taking my makeup off I rinse my skin, pat it dry and either I’ll use Beauty Formulas Tee Tree Oil Cleansing Wipes or I’ll tone my face with Ziaja Cleansing Toner with Manuka leaves to replenish my skin after getting dry from all the air conditioning and nasty air pollution. Both of these also help me fight acne. Finally I apply a heavy duty cream to get that extra moisturizing and calming kick for my sensitive skin – Dermedic Hydrain 2. Then I’m off to relax and do some stuff around home.

Finally in the evening I’ll wash my face with previously mentioned Garnier Pure Active cleansing gel. Then I’ll apply eye cream the same as in the morning and for the rest of the face I’ll use AA Hydro Sorbet cream, which has a consistency between my morning and after work creams. It moisturizes and nourishes my skin while I’ll sleep.

That’s my whole routine. I usually leave most heavy-duty skin care for after work because I really hate putting on heavier face creams for the night, so that’s my workaround for it. I still get a few hours between coming back from work to the before-bed shower so my skin can get that extra kick it especially needs when it gets colder outside and it gets way more sensitive and dry.

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