Huda Desert Dusk eyeshadow palette

huda desert dusk eyeshadow palette

I caved in you guys and bought the newest Huda Desert Dusk eyeshadow palette. The swatches that I’ve seen made my mouth water, they looked so good so I needed to have it! The palette has 18 shades inspired by Arabian Desert. I’ve been playing around with it for the past few weeks and now it’s time to see how it did.

huda desert dusk eyeshadow palette

In the palette we get 18 eyeshadows with different finishes – mattes, pressed pearls, duochrome toppers and pure glitter. All are very warm, perfect for fall tones.The shades have pretty intense colors on the lid which I love! All of them stayed put for about eight hours, after that time they did start to fade a bit. With this palette you can create both everyday and night time looks (I especially love how it works for an evening makeup – all that lovely sparkle and intensity – you can go all out and feel fabulous!)

huda desert dusk eyeshadow palette

Matte shades

The matte shades are creamy and really easy to put on with a brush. They also blend wonderfully and keep on the lid. They work really well in the crease and base shades. Pigmentation is fantastic.

Pressed pearls

As for the pressed pearls they had a thicker formula and applied pretty well with a brush, the pigmentation was really good and intense. The only thing that bothered me was the amount of fallout I got! Most of these were all over the place and I had quite a lot of cleanup to do.


Duochromes are best to be applied with a wet brush or brush with some sort of adhesive – using a dry brush or my fingers did not give me a spectacular effect – the shadows mostly wouldn’t transfer onto the lid. Again the fallout was the same as for pressed pearls, and the main downfall of these was how much the shimmer transferred all over the lid during the day – I always put matte eyeshadows in the crease and after a few hours I had lots and lots of shimmer in the crease from lid shades.

Pure glitter

We also get one pure glitter that’s pretty much ready to use glitter with an adhesive – though easiest way to apply is to use a wet brush so it sticks better.

Here’s shade by shade breakdown of the palette:

huda desert dusk eyeshadow palette swatches

Desert Sand – soft, nude matte shade with yellow and orange undertones, awesome as base shade

Musk – matte brown, worked well for me in the crease

Eden – matte peachy-coral

Amber – brick red matte

Blood moon – metallic copper (fav!)

Oud – dark chocolate brown matte

huda desert dusk eyeshadow palette swatches

Celestial – duochrome topper with golden to pink reflections

Nefertiti – golden champagne shimmer

Twilight – duochrome topper with lavender lavender to pink reflections, it’s a bit cooler from the bunch

Amethyst – matte purple with pink tones

Royal – dark plum with pinkish shine

Retrograde – duochrome topper reddish brown to blue and green reflections

huda desert dusk eyeshadow palette swatches

Cashmere – metallic taupe

Angelic – pink with gold shimmer (another fav!)

Cosmo – dark copper glitter

Turkish delight – metallic cranberry red  (also a fav!)

Saffron – deeper matte cranberry red

Blazing – deep orange with red tones

Overall I like the palette but I did expect way more from it. The shades are really gorgeous and the final effect is fantastic. They have good pigmentation and look really intense on the eyes. However I do have a problem with their application – mostly I need to use a wet brush to apply them and have to be really careful about the fallout if I don’t want to ruin my makeup – and I’m the eyes after face makeup kinda gal, so I really need to watch out! It’s a brilliant choice when I have a bit more time to spend on my makeup for a truly wow effect (especially for evening makeup this palette is absolutely gorgeous!), but in the busy mornings it’s not really my first choice.

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