Eveline Cosmetics Smooth Matt foundation

eveline smooth matt foundation

This time we’ll be talking about Eveline Cosmetics Smooth Matt foundation. I bought it on sale, right after I came back from vacation – I needed a darker shade for my tanned skin and my beloved foundations from Pierre Rene and Estee Lauder were too light for me. This foundation promises to smoothen and mattify my skin, giving me a fresh look up to 16 hours. Let’s see how well it did.

eveline smooth matt foundation

The package is simple and nice to the eye, the only problem I have is with the pump – it works really hard and once I get to press it a lot of product comes out – often much more than I actually need so that’s a minus.

I would say it is semi coverage (if you have acne or red marks to cover up it’s not the best choice) and feels light on the skin. It has SPF 10. The product does not give you a mask effect, it’s easy to apply and does not darken on the skin with time. That’s about all the good I can say about it. My skin was shiny like a neon sign after pretty much three hours, no matter what mattifying powder I used – I tried it with wet n wild’s Coverall, Mua’s translucent powder, Bell’s HypoAllergenic Fixing Mat powder, even my favorite Rimmel’s Stay Matte that keeps my skin matte for about eight hours (!) and they all didn’t work well with this foundation.

Another really big downside is a really limited shade range – I believe there are only four shades to choose from and so it’s extra hard to find one that matches your skintone! I chose 71 nude which was a very good match when I came back tanned from the holidays but now it’s way too dark for me again and the only lighter shade available had pink undertones so that was a no-no for me.

Sadly this foundation disappointed me quite a bit. It does not live up to its promise and even though it felt good on the skin it did not give me a matt effect for too long and the shade range is really small. Now that my tan has faded after summer and my face is lighter it would be impossible to find a shade that would match me.

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