40 fun things to do in the fall

40 fun things to do in the fall

Fall is upon us, that means gloomier and shorter days. But also world full of warm golden colors! It’s time to cozy up at home, make yummy comfort food, read under a blanket and watch loads of tv. Who’s with me? I compiled a list of 40 fun things to do in the fall to enjoy the season and not let the gloominess get to you! Enjoy!

40 fun things to do in the fall

  1. Pick colorful leaves to dry
  2. Take a walk in the park
  3. Drink pumpkin spice latte
  4. Make a pumpkin soup
  5. Decorate house with fall printables
  6. Throw pillows and blankets everywhere!
  7. Light a fall scented candle
  8. Better yet, DIY your own candle
  9. DIY a vanilla or pumpkin scented hand soap
  10. Bake an apple pie
  11. Drink warm cider
  12. Reorganize your closet with fall clothes
  13. Go on a shopping spree for new clothes
  14. Create a fall flower centerpiece for your home
  15. Make caramel apples
  16. Find that perfect shade of dark lipstick
  17. Wear dark nails
  18. Learn how to knit or crochet
  19. Start planning a Halloween party
  20. Try out crazy makeup looks for Halloween
  21. Decorate your house for Halloween
  22. Carve a pumpkin
  23. Make Halloween-themed desserts
  24. Have a horror movie marathon
  25. Drink chai tea
  26. Make caramel apples
  27. Wrap yourself in a blanket and read a good book
  28. Take a long, warm bath
  29. Clean your home
  30. Go the the cinema
  31. Have a Netflix marathon at home with large amounts of popcorn
  32. Have a board games night
  33. Try a DIY pumpkin face mask or body scrub
  34. Experiment with different types of oils in your haircare routine
  35. Stock up on lip balms for upcoming winter time
  36. Write down on a piece of paper what makes you really happy and put it in a jar – read it when you’ll be feeling down
  37. Try meditation
  38. Sign up for a class and learn something new
  39. Roast pumpkin seeds
  40. Make ahead a list of Christmas present ideas

What are your plans for the upcoming season?

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