Becca Sunchaser Palette

becca sunchaser palette package

Sunchaser palette is actually the very first thing that I own from Becca. I was drawn to it mainly because I love warm colors and who could say no to just-spent-a-day-on-the-beach look? It is a trio of bronzer, highlighter and blush that come in a compact palette.

becca sunchaser palette package

The palette is quite small and thin which makes it perfect for travelling – I’m surely taking it with me for my holidays this year. The package is also quite pretty – a gradient from black through orange to brown – reminds be of a beautiful sunset on a beach. It comes with a mirror which will surely come in handy when travelling. The bronzer, highlighter and a blush trio is designed to give us perfect beachy, just kissed by the sun look.

becca sunchaser palette inside

Sunlit bronzer is in the shade Ipanema Sunset. And oh boy is it a warm shade. It’s like very very warm. For my rather pale face (I did not get a tan yet) it’s a bit strong so I have to layer it really carefully not to overdo it. If you don’t like warm bronzers or are really pale it probably won’t be the best choice for you but on darker tanned skin it looks fantastic It blends really well, instantly warms up your face and doesn’t leave any patches. The bronzer has a satin finish with some shimmer. It is warm, but does not have much red undertones – I would say it’s a deep caramel shade.

As for the mineral blush it comes in the shade called Apricot Blossom. It’s a pretty matte peachy-coral shade. I was a bit worried when ordering the palette that it would be too strong, but thankfully you can easily layer it. The blush gives just a very pretty natural flushed look (without making your face look like you’re just about to have a heart attack – a lot of blushes do that to me). Like the bronzer it blends really well.

Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter in Opal has a wonderful golden color that is not too yellow on the skin. It was pretty much the biggest reason I bought this palette – I heard it is Becca’s bestseller since it is the most natural highlighter shade that suits most skintones. The color payoff is absolutely fantastic, it can be really strong so the best way to apply it is to layer little amounts. It also works very well as an eyeshadow. I love that it gives a gorgeous shimmer without being glittery. You look radiant, glowy and sexy! L-o-v-e it!

becca sunchaser palette swatches

Swatches – bronzer in Ipanema Sunset, blush in Apricot Blossom and highlighter in Opal

Overall I like the effect of using all three of the products in Becca Sunchaser palette. They go really well together and give the fantastic just kissed by the sun look. Out of the trio I’m absolutely in love with highlighter and blush, bronzer is a bit too warm and I have to be really light handed when applying it. I cannot wait when I’ll get a tan this summer, to see how the palette will accentuate it and so I can fake a tan way into the fall 😉 Since it is my very first product from Becca I’m really glad I bought it and I will definitely get much use out of it.

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