40 fun things to do in summer

40 fun things to do in the summer

During summer the days are longer, we feel better and have more energy to do things. That’s why I created for you a list of things to do in summer. Let’s not waste this gorgeous time and try to squeeze every last drop of it while summer lasts! Even if you aren’t going on holiday anywhere you can still have a lot of fun 🙂

40 fun things to do in the summer

  1. Plan the vacation of your dreams
  2. Eat a crazy ice cream flavor
  3. Try to make ice cream at home
  4. Have a barbecue party
  5. Make jams from all the amazing fruits in the season
  6. Go on long walks
  7. Visit a local zoo
  8. Ride on a ferris wheel
  9. Read a good book
  10. Make a yummy smoothie
  11. Make lemonade
  12. Drink sangria
  13. Decorate house with fresh flowers
  14. Visit a music festival
  15. Ride a bike
  16. Swim in a pool/lake/sea
  17. Try out new summer makeup looks
  18. Buy colorful eyeliners and experiment
  19. Make a summer mani
  20. Learn something new
  21. Dye your hair a crazy color
  22. Have a picnic in a park
  23. Go trekking
  24. Watch a movie in a park / drive thru
  25. Have a spontaneous weekend trip to a place you’ve never been before
  26. Try a bullet journal
  27. Start a gratitude journal
  28. Perfect that tan out in the sun
  29. Try out a beach wave hair look
  30. De-stress with a colouring book
  31. Do something kind for somebody
  32. Visit an amusement park
  33. Makeover a room
  34. Plant some herbs for your kitchen
  35. Find the perfect swimsuit
  36. Go rollerskating
  37. Try on different types of sunglasses and find ones you love!
  38. Try out temporary tattoos
  39. Pretend you’re a turist in your own city and visit all interesting places
  40. See sunrise and sunset

What are your summer plans? Did you create your summer bucket list?

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    1. Glad you like them! 🙂 Actually I haven’t tried making jams yet, it’s on my bucket list for this year! If I’ll find any good recipes I’ll definitely share them 🙂

  1. What a great post idea! I’ve been meaning to get back to journaling as well, and I think getting to see sunrises and sunsets is one of the best things about the entire summer.
    You have such a great blog! I’d love if we can follow each other on Bloglovin maybe? Do let me know. <3 Have a good week!

    Joanne | Life in Blue Skies

    1. Thanks 🙂 I can’t wait when I’ll go to Croatia this year I’m dying to see sunrises and sunsets there I bet they’re amazing! Sitting on the beach and watching the sky is the best thing in the world 🙂

      Definitely. you have a very cool blog! I’ve followed you! 🙂

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