Your summer beauty essentials

summer essentials

Summer is finally here! I’m so excited and pumped for it! Sunshine, late evenings, relaxing and hanging out outside, swimming in the sea, yay! This time I bring you a guide to summer beauty essentials  – all the things you need for a fun and safe time. Enjoy!

summer essentials

SPF protection – remember to use SPF whenever you’ll be out and about in the sun! Even a few minutes in the harsh sun can lead to sunburn and skin damage. Slather sunscreen on before you leave the house and remember to reapply! I really like ones in spray, they’re the easiest and fastest for me to put on, find out which ones work best for you. I haven’t yet found an ideal SPF for my face (all the ones I tried are really oily and yucky under makeup so I only use them when I’m not wearing any foundation, shame on me!). Do you guys have any suggestions on good face sunscreens?

Thermal water – whenever it is really warm this is a true lifesaver. Few spritzes on your face or forearms and it instantly cools you down. Thermal water is also brilliant when you’re wearing makeup. It won’t damage it, but will make you feel much fresher and your skin will look more dewy. There are small sized bottles that are just perfect to throw in the purse and always have with you.

Body mist without alcohol – I cannot imagine leaving my house without putting on some fragrance. But using regular perfumes is dangerous in the sun – they contain alcohol and exposure of skin that has alcohol on it can lead to its discoloration. If you don’t want to end up with blemishes on your skin, alcohol-free body mists are your best friends. I love ones from Bath & Body Works, they smell so beautifully and linger on the skin for quite a long time – for this year I have Tiki Mango Mai Tai and Love & Sunshine.

Body oil with shimmer – for those warm summer evenings, when you jump into a fantastic dress, highlight your perfect body girl! Using a body oil with glitter on your legs will make them shimmer whenever you move and really show off your tan. I also like to use it on my décolletage and arms. Go all out, after all it’s summer! Slight shimmer highlights your body in just the right way especially in the evening light. I recommend Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse with gold shimmer, love it!

Colorful eyeliners – what better time is there than summer to play with your makeup? Experiment with bright colorful shadows and eyeliners to make your gorgeous eyes pop! This year I’ve fallen head over heels for Nyx’s Colored Felt Tip Liner in Cobalt Blue and Rimmel’s Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer in Aqua Sparkle. If you’re afraid to use the bright liners by themselves, you can make a double line by using regular black or brown liner and above it draw a line with the colorful one.

Those are mine summer beauty essentials – what are yours?

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