Ultimate guide to have a more organized life

guide to have a more organized life

Hello there lovelies! This time I wanted to share with you a few tips and ideas for living a more organized life. Not going to lie, I’m also still figuring it out, but those are some of the tips that I’m incorporating in my life and so far they’ve been working pretty great for me, I hope you’ll also find them useful!

guide to have a more organized life

  • Plan ahead for the upcoming week
    •  Make sunday your planning day. Sit down and write down everything you know you need to do in the upcoming week, any scheduled meetings etc. Best way to approach it is to write down everything that you can think of, then sit down and analyze it, decide what needs to be done this week, what can wait etc. Try to plan what goals you want to work on (be realistic when it comes to actual time you’ll have to work on them) and definitely plan some fun stuff to do so you de-stress!
  • Plan ahead meals for the entire upcoming week
    • Then it will be super easy to create a shopping list and you won’t waste time every day trying to come up with an idea what to eat. Additionally you can plan ahead to prep some of the food for the upcoming week.
  • Try to clean your home once a week 
    • Sweep the dust, vacuum and place any things that are scattered around the house back to their places. By creating a regimen to do it once a week you’ll keep your home clean and be prepared in case somebody decides to stop by (and won’t panic at all the cleaning you have to do). Every once in a while plan for deeper clean of your home and decluttering places like your closet, refrigerator, drawers or makeup storage.
  • When at work/uni/school turn off wifi on your smartphone 
    • Do not go to facebook, twitter, pinterest etc. until you get work done. It’s really distracting to be doing your work, at the same time scroll through update feeds and have your phone beeping because someone messaged you on facebook. Focus on work.
  • Have some time to yourself
    • We live in an age where we plan something productive for every minute of our lives, not wanting to waste any moment. We’re ambitious, we’re getting ahead and we want to experience everything. We often put off relaxing and having time for ourselves until after we’ve completed all of ours things to-do. But that almost never happens, does it? There’s always something to be done, someplace to be. Schedule time for yourself, do something you love – read a book, apply a facemask, lie down and listen to some music, anything you want. Also, don’t be afraid to be bored from time to time. It’s good and it actually boosts creativity.
  • Keep a small notepad handy
    • Whenever a brilliant idea comes to your mind be sure to write it down!
  • Create routines for morning/evening 
    • Stick to them. In the morning if you want to keep moving efficiently make a routine – stretch, morning shower, put on clothes, do makeup, eat breakfast and get out of the door. After a while you’ll get so used to it you’ll do it all even faster. Don’t go overboard with the concept though. Having routines is good, but we all need some spontaneity and creativity in life 😉

Hope you found some useful tips for an organized life here! Would you add anything to the list? Let me know!

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