Pure-Clay Mask Detox & Brighten Treatment from L’oreal

Who doesn’t love a good face mask? About two months ago I bought Pure-Clay Mask Detox & Brighten Treatment from L’oreal. It has three pure clays and charcoal, which means some serious detox for the skin! I am a huge fan of clay masks because they make the skin soft and feeling really clean, fresh and matte.

loreal pure clay mask

Pretty much from the first use I am really pleased with how the mask works on the skin. It leaves the face feeling really fresh. The pores are visibly smaller and the skin is really soft, bright and matte. Do you also love that feeling of softness after a good peeling and a mask? I a-d-o-r-e it!  The mask does have a pretty weird scent for me, but once it begins drying on your skin it goes away. I put it on for about 10 minutes, once it starts really pulling on my skin and visibly drying I rinse it off. Like with any clay masks it takes a lot of work to clean off – I use cotton pads soaked with water. The package is really efficient, the mask is supposed to last for 10 applications, but I think it will last me for way more.

l'oreal pure clay mask

I’ve been using the mask for the past two months, about once a week  as it’s quite strong and I don’t want it to dry my skin out too much. But the results it gives, especially given it’s price range are really good! My skin is detoxified, looks well-rested and in those two months the mask has helped me reduce the amount of breakouts (especially near “that” time of the month) which is fantastic! I think it’s perfect for spring and summer time to clear the skin when we tend to sweat a lot and pollution and dirt stick to our skin.

I really like this mask, because it’s easy and fast to use. Most importantly it does what it claims to do, it’s efficient and given it’s price is really worth a buy! I think I’m going to purchase other masks in their range to also try out.

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