10 beauty hacks every girl should know

beauty hacks - eyeshadows

I love browsing pinterest for new beauty hacks to try out. Sometimes a really small thing can totally up your makeup game. Besides, finding out if something is a total game changer or a complete disaster is fun! I love trying out new stuff and often I’m like “why haven’t I tried this out earlier?!” 😉 Today I come to you with my personal list of 10 beauty hacks that I’ve been using since I can remember and have been my lifesavers countless times. I hope you will find some useful tips here!

beauty hacks - eyeshadows

  1. If you want to really, really curl your eyelashes heat up your curling wand with a blow dryer for a few seconds and then curl. I only do it on special occasions, because for everyday I’m afraid the heat can cause damage to the lashes.
  2. To cover blemishes and acne apply first foundation, concealer, then powder, again concealer and powder. Make the layers thin. It won’t budge for the whole day, I promise!
  3. To stop concealer from creasing under your eyes after you apply it and buff it in, gently press a tissue to get the excess off. It works wonders!
  4. To cover blemishes and any breakouts instead of concealers I like to use mousse foundations on them. They are heavier and stay in place better (I apply them like in hack #2).beauty hacks - tape
  5. If you are learning how to create perfect wing with eyeliner or eyeshadow use use scotch tape under the place where you want the wing to be. First stick it onto your hand a few times so it’s not as sticky when you place it on your face.
  6. After you’re done brushing your teeth you can use a toothbrush (whether manual or electric one) to exfoliate your lips. Best to do it 1-2 times a week. Smooth pout guaranteed!
  7. For super soft baby pout apply Vaseline to your lips for the night. Your lips will feel amazingly soft and nourished when you wake up!beauty hacks - nails
  8. When putting on glitter nail polish first apply it on a sponge so that excess clear polish will soak in and you’ll be able to get more glitter onto your nails (like I’ve shown in this tutorial )
  9. If you wake up to puffy eyes, place a cold spoon (or wrap a piece of ice in a plastic bag) and place if over your eyes for a few minutes.
  10. To avoid spider lashes, wipe of excess amount of mascara from the wand into a tissue, then you can layer it on your lashes and control the amount you put on.

Do you have any beauty hacks that have been total life savers? If you do, leave them in the comments!

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