The only foundation you need – Pierre Rene Skin Balance Foundation

Pierre Rene Skin Balance Foundation

Once you find a perfect match you stick to it. Pierre Rene Skin Balance Foundation suits me so well it’s my go-to product and a holy grail. I’ve been using it for the past four years (or maybe even longer, anyway it’s been a looong time!) and I’ve purchased countless bottles. Still I can say with my whole heart that I love it! If you’ve never tried it before, go and buy it, like right now!

Pierre Rene Skin Balance Foundation

I have it in the shade Porcelain. It’s not too heavy on the skin, but gives the perfect amount of coverage to still look natural. The foundation is waterproof and contains plant extracts and vitamin E. Plus it’s really cheap for a product that good. It’s really easy and comfortable to apply, I usually do it with just my fingertips. It stays in place for the entire day! When I apply it in the morning the only touch ups at the end of the day I may need are on the nose and chin, but only because I tend to touch or rub them. It does not gather in wrinkles or creases.

The foundation leaves the skin looking really fresh and radiant. It mattifies the skin, though I always additionally apply powder on it to keep everything in place. Most importantly it does not dry the skin out (which happens to me when I use Revlon’s Colorstay – my other favorite foundation). The ingredients list is also okay, it doesn’t have any that can seriously block your pores. I’ve been using it for a very long time and never had any breakouts or skin irritation caused by it.

The main problem with most foundations that I have is that they oxidize on my face and change color after a few hours. That’s why it’s really hard to buy one for me, even if the shade matches at first there is a high probability it will be way darker after a few hours. This one is my little treasure that I adore. I read reviews for this foundation and actually some girls experienced oxidation with this one, so as usual it’s best that you try it out on yourself. For me it does not change color that significantly after application. Really recommend you try it if you haven’t, it’s a fantastic foundation for a really good price!

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