Lifestyle favorites

A dose of non beauty lifestyle favorites that I’ve been recently obsessed with! Shoes, movie, music, tv show, food festival and inspiring instagram accounts ahead!

Adidas Superstar shoes

I finally got my hands on white Adidas Superstar (I already had the black ones). I ADORE those shoes! They are the most comfortable footwear you’ll ever experience and what can I say, they just look cool. I’ve been obsessed with getting the white ones for the past year and finally those babies are mine! If you walk around a lot, you’ll love those, your feet will feel so light in those shoes. L-o-v-e them!

Movie – The Intern

I recently got around to finally watch “The Intern” movie with Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway. Robert De Niro plays Ben, a 70-year old widower who found that retirement wasn’t as fun and engaging as he thought it would be, so he decided to apply for an internship at an online fashion site run by Jules (Anne Hathaway). Jules is a workaholic who put her entire heart into the company and is not the easiest person to work with. Overall, the movie was just so funny and positive to watch! Even though there is a huge gap between Ben and his work colleagues they get on well with each other and so many funny situations emerge. Retirement doesn’t mean the end of your life, you can still have fun i if you only want to. Watch it if you haven’t yet!

Food – Street Food Festival

There’s a Street Food Festival organized every few months in my city, which is really fun to go to. You get many food trucks in one place, so you can try all the amazing street food that your heart desires. For every edition of the festival there are different trucks present. This time I went for some yummy ramen (I could eat ramen literally every day), Belgian fries, Hungarian Lángos (ate it for the very first time, it was so good!), drank healthy smoothie from black currant, banana and grape juice and finished off with super-sweet baklava. Trying out new food is such a wonderful experience, discovering all the different dishes and flavors you never knew. If there is a food festival where you live, go there and experiment!


Here are some tunes that I’ve been really into recently. When I get a song in my head it won’t leave for weeks. That’s what definitely happened with those three 😉


TV Show – The Crown

The Crown is produced by Netflix (and recently they cannot go wrong with anything they make) and it tells the story of the young Queen Elizabeth II. She is to take the throne at a very young age and lead the world’s most famous monarchy. The show wonderfully shows the dynamic of her marriage with Philip and relation with her sister Princess Margaret. Once you start watching it gets really addictive and you seriously can’t stop. It has only 10 episodes and just one season for now, but second season is coming later this year (yay!)

Inspiring instagram accounts

Links to a bunch of instagram account that I’ve been crazily scrolling through recently :

Daily dose of motivational quotes

Breathtaking views

The colors! Oh the colors hellomissmay

More colors! Because hey it’s spring! hotpinkpineapples

What are some of the things you’re obsessed with recently? Let me know what your lifestyle favorties are! 😀

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